Thoughts On Conditioning

Conditioning is like putting pillows around you so you don’t get hurt. It protects you but it also excludes you from your surroundings. Those pillows numb you, they won’t make you sensitive to your environment, to the people around you, as you won’t adapt to take punches, to feel pain or to be patient and persevering.

Conditioning protects you like a cocoon yet preventing your spirit, your mind and your body from learning, thus you tend to repeat the same mistakes again.

Conditioning might be useful for singles but can be very harmful in a relationship because you are only protecting yourself and your own interests when you should be protecting the entire ship you are on.

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Robert Bösch, 2014.
Robert Bösch, 2014.

Modern Primitives Venice Biennale, 2010

The New York Times - Gui Machado

Snake - Gui Machado